Bone Conduction

Open Ear Headphones

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Bone Conduction

Open ear listening

How it Works

We hear sounds through both our bones (bone-conducted) and our eardrums (air-conducted). The majority of sounds are heard by our eardrums. The eardrum converts the sound waves into vibrations and transmits them to the cochlea (or inner ear). Bone conduction headphones work the same way, by converting sound waves into vibrations that can be transmitted via bone directly to the cochlea. Leaving your ears open and eardrums available to hear your surroundings.

titanium frame
Titanium frame

Flexible, high-intensity memory titanium hanging ear hook & band, lined with silicone skin. The frame can be twisted or bent in all directions without breaking or loosing it's shape.

Bluetooth® CSR + TI chip

Optimized performance for an improved sound experience. Plus enjoy responsive and intuitive operation with quick pairing and a 10 meter wireless range.

dual mics
Built in microphones

Dual built in microphones paired with CSR and T1 audio chips means clearer, high quality calls.

Extended battery

+ 8 hours of music playtime, 300 hours of standby time and less than 2 hours to fully charge.

extended battery life