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$129 USD

Premium Performance

Ti2 headphones have been optimized for performance, function and durability. Featuring new sound cavity design, titanium alloy memory neck band, high capacity battery & weighing in at only 38 grams.

Open Ear Freedom

Gorilla Ti2 open-ear headphones were designed to help you enjoy your music and hear your surroundings. So you can be as active as you want to be and never miss a beat.

Flexible Ear Hook

An ultra-thin, soft and flexible earhook keeps your headphones snug and secure without sacrificing comfort.

SoundCavity™ Design

Reduced sound leakage means you can hear your music without those around you hearing it. Enjoy clear, crisp audio & voice.

Titanium Neckband

A silicone-wrapped titanium alloy wire neckband means an ultra-durable flexible fitted pair of open-ear headphones.

Intuitive Controls

Easy to access, secure, intuitive touch button controls. Plus quick bluetooth® pairing and music player control.

bone conduction
Bone Conduction

Gorilla Ti2 headphones decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea so the eardrum is never involved. The “sound” reaches the ears as vibrations through the bones.

Weather Resistent

IP67 IEC rated water and sweat resistant design. Headphones that can go with you rain or shine & work or play as hard as you do. No need to worry about dust either with a completely enclosed dust proof ergonomic design.

weather resistant
Open Ear

Gorilla Ti2 headphones let you enjoy your music without covering your ears. Now you can enjoy your playlist plus stay aware and safe in your environment. Perfect for running, cycling, hiking or working out.


Ti2 headphones weigh in at only 38 grams with a flexible titanium neck band. Enjoy superior comfort and lighter weight without sacrificing strength or durability.

titanium neckband
Open ear wireless design with bone conduction techology.
SoundCavity™ design for reduced sound leakage.
Titanium ear hook and frame with silicon skin for maximum strength.
Peripheral chesapeake customized materials for better elasticity and toughness, greatly improving the wearing comfort and fit.
Light weight (only 38 grams)
IP67 certified water, sweat and dust resistant design for all kinds of weather.
Dual built in noise cancelling microphones optimal for hands free calling.
Extended battery performance with 8+ hours of continous playtime on a single charge.
300+ hours of standby time
Front hidden button design for ease of operation,convenience and safety.
Gorilla 1 year product warranty
Speaker Type
Bone conduction speakers
150mm • 100mm • 50mm
Playback Time
8 hours
Wireless Range
10 meters
Frequency Range
Standby Time
12 Days
DC 5.25V (Max)
Speaker Sensitivity
102 ± 3db
Microphone Sensitivity
-40 ± 3db



Ti2 Headphones
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