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Many avid runners who have worn earbuds can probably tell you a story about a near miss with a vehicle they didn't hear. It was a similar scare that began our journey to develop a better set of headphones. A set which would allow you to hear your music and be safe. There were some open-ear headphones on the market but we wanted headphones with better battery life, higher water resistence and less sound leakage. So we assembled a small team and created a better open ear headphone.

We call our headphones Gorilla Ti2, and we have engineered them to deliver high-quality sound and reliable safety. Made from lightweight titanium, these open-ear headphones work through bone conduction technology, so you can enjoy your music and still pick up on everything that is going on around you! That's the best of both worlds!


Ti2 open-ear headphones.

Hear your Music & Everything Around You

Gorilla Ti2

Featuring the SoundCavity design for minimal sound leakage, Gorilla Ti2 headphones are ergonomically designed and totally wireless, and they will last for a full 12 days on a single charge when left on standby. These long-lasting, durable, high-tech headphones are just what you need to live your life on your own terms, without ever missing a beat.


  • Weighing just 38 grams, Gorilla Ti2 headphones are lightweight, so you can roam about the world freely.
  • Snug but comfortable, Gorilla Ti2 headphones have a flexible titanium alloy memory neckband.
  • Wear them anywhere, even at the pool. Gorilla Ti2 headphones are IPX67 waterproof certified.


Bone conduction.

Keep your Ears Open

Gorilla Ti2

We hear sounds through both our bones (bone-conducted) and our eardrums (air-conducted). The majority of sounds are heard by our eardrums. The eardrum converts the sound waves into vibrations and transmits them to the cochlea (or inner ear). Bone conduction headphones work the same way, by converting sound waves into vibrations that can be transmitted via bone directly to the cochlea. Leaving your ears open and eardrums available to hear your surroundings.

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