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Gorilla AUdio ultra ti2
Featuring SoundCavity™ sound design for better clarity, Open Ear format for safety, Lightweight flexible Titanium memory band & High capacity 8 hour battery, the Ultra Ti2 offers the ultimate bone conduction experience.
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gorilla audio marathon
Weighing just 26 grams, the Marathon is one of the lightest headsets on the market today. With 5 - 6 hour battery life, SoundCavity™ sound design for better clarity and Bluetooth 5.0, the Marathon packs a punch without breaking the bank.
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I had never used bone conduction headphones before but these are now my absolute favorite! They sound great and the battery last forever. I love being able to enjoy music and podcast but still hear my surroundings. So much safer than my old bluetooth in ear headphones.


Perfect for Cycling

I rode yesterday with the headphones. I definitely like them. It’s safer for sure than what I was using. It’s a different experience using them versus my ear pods.


Great audio

Really good sound even for this hard of hearing ol' gal. Easy to use. Very happy with my purchase.


Be active, stay safe

Be open to the world around you. Bone conduction technology allows for both high-quality sound and situational awareness to deliver a hearing experience like no other.

“Gorilla Audio’s bone conduction headphones with SoundCavity™  design deliver the most dynamic stereo sound we’ve heard yet.” - Quid Pro Audio

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